Friday, December 10, 2010

Green wall sprouts up at Studio Sprout!

On a dare from a LEED EBOM (existing buildings operation and maintenance) colleague who said "Don't design Green Walls in South Florida - they will cause mold and air quality problems." - I thought I would try this little unit from Flora Grubb. I placed it over my desk and check periodically for any little fuzzies that may want to take up residence on my pristinely white wall. It is called a "wally" or a "woollypocket" The outside is a wool felt - which is all you need for an outdoor unit, for indoors they recommend the plastic lined model. I installed it over three weeks ago and so far so good. Watering is easy, it doesn't overflow or need much water - and - I get the benefits of growing my own fresh air, absorbing many unwanted chemical residues that are a result of office equipment. This is what it looked like pre-planting:

Try one and let me know your results -

This is their picture of Wally3 - three units stacked on top of each other:

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